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All things grow with love

Nurturing mind, body, and soul in the most natural way possible with love and reverence.

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Hey there!

We are the Medina Family. We are passionate about providing natural health and solutions while taking care of nature. Our business was set up to provide so our Lorenzo and other persons with disabilities can work meaningfully. We aim to provide people with produce, products and arts that will nurture their mind, body and soul.

What we Offer​

It is born out of love for Lorenzo who has autism. It is a mini farm which practices natural farming and produces natural homemade products with love mostly from ingredients coming from the farm. We also conduct grow food with love workshops and mentors other aspiring farmers. We are passionate about nurturing mind, body and soul in the most natural way possible with love and reverence.

It was born as our way of thanksgiving for finding pure gifts of the earth “Doterra” We use these purest oils to manage Lorenzo’s autism and to take care of our family’s health naturally. We conduct classes to teach people about essential oils and how they can use them to support their holistic health.


My family loves Lorenzo's Sanctuary's products: spiced vinegar, lemon- malunggay juice, salad dressing, fruits and vegetables. They are genuinely organic yet affordable. We're looking forward to more produce from the farm. We hope that when things get back to normal, they can also have a mini resto in the farm 🙂

Fritzie Cruz

Lorenzo’s Sanctuary not only supplies healthy food, their Grow Food with Love workshop nourishes wellbeing. I look forward to visiting their farm again. Most importantly, working with the founders in sharing How to Grow Food with Love. - Broman

Emmanuel Gerardo Sia

I love their lettuce, cucumbers and I can never forget the first seedless but very sweet papaya I got from their farm. Having the weekly veggies I used to get from Lorenzo Sanctuary helped me to have a healthy diet and eventually loose some weight 😉

Marilyn Derilo

One of the best farm to table produced fresh and organic vegetables. Thank you Lorenzo's Sanctuary for the nice and cool place you lent during our gatherings and best foods in our table.

Erolin, Amiel Carlos (Ace)

Love Lorenzo's Sanctuary. So happy that they can provide me with fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. I am assured that my food is clean and healthy.

Marivic Alarca

Fresh, organic produce! Try the guava tarragon jam, it's the best! Easy transactions and orders are delivered promptly. We enjoy coming here, they offer workshops as well 💚🌿🌱🌻

Evangeline Cruz

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